Monday, August 08, 2005

George W. Bush, Poster Boy for Resolute Cowards Everywhere

Apparently a small band of protestors camping out in the hot Texas heat led by a mother whose lost a beloved son in a dishonest, disgraceful war is about to constitute a threat to national security.

First they tried to ditch the protestors. Then they kept food and water from being supplied (though they relented eventually.) Then they sent a couple of political hacks to parrot the Chickenhawk Line: "At least the Iraqis can now vote". When they met a calm, resolute mother who wasn't buying their bullshit, they went back to Chickenhawk Ranch. Then the Secret Service warned the protestors that cars come down the road really fast and it would be a shame if anybody got hit.

Now, they warn her she's going to be considered a national security risk the day before a Yellow Elephant (Seniors Division) fundraiser. Presumably that means under the Patriot Act, and that means no access to counsel or charges need be filed.

Some folks are trying to get there to support Cindy. See this thread on Dkos.

This President is a lifelong coward and bully. From his frat boy days to putative volunteering for military service only to be the invisible man in his Reserve unit his sadistic enjoyment of the death penalty to the sound and fury of the stolen election of 2000 right through to the bald faced lies he's been peddling to the press and through them the public.

Face to face, he can't maintain the cloak of denial, so I don't hold out much hope that he'll have the huevos to engage in a basic human interaction with his opponents. Bar's baby boy has grown up into a rank, arrogant coward of the first water who has earned the White Feather being handed to him so publically on a hot stretch of asphalt in McLennan County.

He's nothing but a little man in a big suit trying to get out from under Daddy's tall shadow without actually earning his own way.

But he'll do so with a resolute jaw because, face it, he's got nothing else to offer the American military families who have given up so much to prosecute Halliburton's War.

Crossposted on We Are the Resistance.

Update: According to this story on Dkos the threat of arrest was actually speculation by some state legislator rather than a statement from law enforcement. Doesn't change much in my book as it was clearly an attempt by an official to intimidate citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.

I will speculate my own self that said legislator is probably feeling very foolish right now, and if I find out which numskull made that threat (we're talking about the Texas Lege, so there's an embarrassing wealth of candidates) he'll be in for a Lone Star smackdown that's gonna leave him dizzy for several days.

Rabid conservatism defeats itself!

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