Saturday, September 03, 2005

Welcome to Willy World

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis year the pack of holy hyenas that dominates the Texas Lege, led by Republican banker and alpha male-supremacist Sen. Tommy Williams, funneled $5,000,000 of our tax money -- public funds designated for family planning, primary health screening and other legitimate medical care -- into the religiously oriented agencies known as crisis pregnancy centers. Williams and his anti-choice buddies called Planned Parenthood a "special interest" that was "grubbing for money" while maintaining that their own two-year, multimillion-dollar giveaway to faith-based special interests was just a drop in the bucket.

The measure's author, Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, said there are “more than adequate resources to meet the health care needs of women.”
"There's more than enough money in this strategy for the traditional healthcare things such as pap smears and birth control pills,” Williams said. “I don't count government-funded abortion among those services and I think that's what the difference is.”

OK, just so that we all can be clear on Williams’ wannabe impersonation of Karl Rove: [1] Public funds cannot be and are not used to fund abortion, [2] Williams is a CPA who understands the separation of public and private funding and [3] the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has already kicked his behind on this same non-issue.

Now back to reality.

Tommy Williams’ favorite faith-based initiative already is stripping low income women of vital healthcare services by forcing Planned Parenthood to close its doors in one of the poorest counties of a state that has the highest percentage of women without health insurance in the country – just one more statistic to make us all feel Texas Proud.

Planned Parenthood closed its Pharr clinic Thursday, citing a $200,000 cut in state funding to its Hidalgo County chapter. The closing follows the Texas Legislature’s decision to divert $2.5 million from the Department of State Health Services’ family planning budget to an anti-abortion program, said Margaret Mendez, director for community health services at the state agency.

Planned Parenthood was one of a number of family planning providers, including university health centers and community centers, to lose funding under the deal.
With the Pharr clinic closing, around 4,000 patients, mostly low income and from the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo area, will have to seek services elsewhere, said Kathryn Hearn, community services director for Hidalgo County Planned Parenthood.
"There’s not enough money and not enough space for them," Hearn said. "Birth control, STD tests, pre-cancer screenings, these things cost money."

That money will now go to fund "pregnancy counseling clinics," where women are encouraged to give birth and not seek an abortion.
While such clinics have been in Texas for some time, they have not been publicly funded until now, said Dade Phelan, spokesman for State Senator Bobby (sic) Williams, R-Woodlands, who authored the budget change and whose district lies north of Houston.

"There has always been plenty of money for family planning, but there’s nothing that addresses alternative to abortion programs," he said. "This is for women who are trying to decide whether or not to have a baby, and this will give an alternative to abortion. It’s giving them more choice."

But Hearn is critical of such clinics, saying they provide little in the way of medical services, and do little to lower the abortion rate.

"We’ve had some of our clients go these places before, and their whole function is discouraging birth control and promoting child-bearing" she said. "We also try to prevent abortions, but we’re letting people make up their own minds.

"If you have a loss of access to birth control, you’re only going to see a rise in abortions."

So are the hundreds of medically unsupervised and unregulated crisis pregnancy centers around the state being christened "clinics" now, just to give the Texas GOP's Compulsory Childbirth Club an excuse to shovel our tax money into them?

Clinics used to be places where a woman could receive health care instead of being subjected to fake-religious propaganda, scare tactics and lies.

But not anymore, not in the world of Tommy Williams -- one far removed from the risk of an untreated STD, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy or the danger of undiagnosed cervical cancer. His is the safe and privileged kind of world that most women in Texas will never know.

Rabid conservatism defeats itself!

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